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Other Programs

Other Programs

SingleSource looks to continually build our list of services that we can offer you.  We want to be the one single source stopping point for you when it comes to your HR needs.  We continue to look forward at new and innovative programs, so you don’t have to.  We are the engine that drives HR.  That is achieved through partnerships and alliances with organizations such as the following:

Nonprofit organization specific programs- Because we believe church organizations represent the pillars of their respective communities, we are committed to helping them care and protect the most vulnerable among them.  Please visit for more information regarding these programs. 

Self Capture Fingerprinting - Patented Self-Capture Packs™ are a part of a revolutionary fingerprinting system that offers employers or volunteer service agencies requiring criminal history background checks an easy, low cost way to meet fingerprint requirements.

Affinity Program – Do you have an association that is looking for non-dues revenue?  Let SingleSource create a program specific to the needs of your members.  We will offer them all of our HR services, plus assist you with the marketing through white papers, webinars and various campaigns, all with your direction and guidance.  We do the heavy lifting and you reap the rewards.

Employee Hotlines - Designed to facilitate and encourage continuous employee input, this service has proven to be an integral tool when addressing compliance, identity management and workplace issues such as harassment allegations, discrimination and other whistleblower type of activities. Fully adaptable to most work environments, hotlines can be integrated into existing systems or through self-service kiosks.  This system offers complete anonymity for employees, instant notification of any calls to your hotline mailbox and a message that is personalized for you, by you.

VisaNow – In regard to any Visa needs you may have, please visit them at VISANOW – Leading Immigration Processing  

Check back often.  You never know what the next leading edge tool is, and you know SingleSource will want to bring it directly to you!

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October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"My Visiting Angels agency in Ann Arbor uses the most thorough, up to date criminal background checks available. The company we use is SingleSource. The owner of the company, Don Dymer, was a previous inspector for Scotland Yard, and knows and educates on the importance of thorough, up to date checks. They check county, state, national, sexual offender, name, residence, date of birth validation, social security, driving, and a host of other checks. We feel very comfortable and secure in what SingleSource does to ensure we are hiring safe caregiver’s."

Angil Tarach
Visiting Angels
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